Why Use the Enneagram?


The Enneagram offers an opportunity to discover the patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that either support or act as a barrier to good working and human relationships. The model offers unparalleled insights into understanding how we interact with each other, communicate, handle conflict, behave on teams and our leadership style to name a few.

High level functioning in all areas of life depends largely on people understanding each other well. When that happens people thrive, become highly productive and enjoy what they are doing and are also willing to give beyond expectations.

The starting point is knowing yourself and understanding others accurately. The Enneagram, the cutting edge tool for developing emotional intelligence, presents a framework for understanding people. It will enable you to understand the different ways people relate and communicate with each other, how they deal with conflict, their leadership styles, and, in particular, the core trigger points that hold us back from reaching our full potential.

The applications of the Enneagram are many. It is currently being used by organizations across the globe in developing employees and leaders in the areas such as: communication, conflict, feedback, teams, leadership, strategic decision making, self-mastery, coaching, and more.

Warner Burke, a Professor at Columbia University, developed NASA’s leadership development programs, and was the first Executive Director of the Organisation Development Network has said: “There’s growing evidence that people who are above average regarding self-awareness are likely to be high performers, particularly with respect to leadership and management. The Enneagram is a sound, tried and true technique for enhancing one’s self-awareness.”