“Of all my studies so far, the Enneagram is by far the most rich and insightful about human behaviour. It goes to the core of why we are all so different, which I love. The depth of learning will keep my lust for knowledge fed for a long time to come. Your delivery and passion for the topic makes a huge impact.”

“I found the presentation very clear and I really appreciated your low-key and intuitive facilitation approach which really helped me start the process of engaging with and internalising the enneagram.”

“I found Saturday’s Enneagram session extremely useful. It has helped me to be more accepting of myself and challenged me to build on what I’ve learnt. It has left with lots of food for thought.”

“Many thanks for a most rewarding day yesterday. I’m only now beginning to unpack all that we worked through yesterday, and there’s an awful lot to process. Your skill in evoking people’s stories in an atmosphere of confidentiality was the sine qua non of the occasion and I’ve no doubt that the experience would have been a lot more arid otherwise.”

“That was wonderful, fascinating, inspiring and exhausting. I really enjoyed it but now I’m flattened.
I need to lift the energy levels and check out my personality type.”

“I think the enneagram is what the world needs today. With all the problems our youth are having many could be helped through the enneagram.”