Enneagram Applications

The Enneagram is being used in many different fields including business, politics, education, law, health etc. and has multiple applications including teambuilding, communications, managing conflict, leadership development, decision making, spiritual development and many others.

Because the Enneagram is grounded in human experience it can be self-verified thus offering immediate benefits in the areas of human relationships and organisational and community life.

The renowned interpersonal neurobiologist, Daniel Siegel, noted that what distinguishes the Enneagram from all other models is that it relies  on what you pay attention to internally for verification. You can only understand the model from the inside out as opposed to learning it from books or other authorities etc. That is not to say that the latter are not helpful but ultimately it is an ‘inside job’.

Knowing the model from the inside out liberates you from misreading your own version of reality as well as misinterpreting and misunderstanding others. It is an on-going journey.

Managing Conflict

Deal positively with differences of opinion.

For Whom: Managers and Staff who wish to develop greater team spirit.

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