Enneagram Applications

The Enneagram is being used in many different fields including business, politics, education, law, health etc. and has multiple applications including teambuilding, communications, managing conflict, leadership development, decision making, spiritual development and many others.

Because the Enneagram is grounded in human experience it can be self-verified thus offering immediate benefits in the areas of human relationships and organisational and community life.

The renowned interpersonal neurobiologist, Daniel Siegel, noted that what distinguishes the Enneagram from all other models is that it relies  on what you pay attention to internally for verification. You can only understand the model from the inside out as opposed to learning it from books or other authorities etc. That is not to say that the latter are not helpful but ultimately it is an ‘inside job’.

Knowing the model from the inside out liberates you from misreading your own version of reality as well as misinterpreting and misunderstanding others. It is an on-going journey.

Introduction to the Enneagram

This is the starting point for all applications. It will include some pre-work for all participants. Aims & Objectives: The course will provide an introduction to the Enneagram model, a human development system that illuminates nine different architectures of the human personality. Participants will be invited to engage in a process of self-discovery that will heighten their level of awareness of themselves and others. Topics will include: Knowing Yourself:  what makes you think, feel and behave the way you do? Managing Yourself: what makes you reactive and how do you manage this. Knowing and Understanding others accurately:  how and why do people think and feel differently from you? Ways to developing rapport with others who don’t see the things the way you do. Taking on a path of development : discovering what challenges you and transforming it into a path of personal freedom. Duration: 1 day Express your interest in an introduction to the Enneagram either for your team or individually. Name(required) Email(required) Course(required)... read more

Communicating Effectively

Become a better communicator; discover your blind spots.

For Whom: Communicating effectively is an essential training for all as it is the single most vital skill for all employees regardless of what level of the organisation you belong.

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Coaching and Mentoring

The huge advantage of the the Enneagram model is that it can pinpoint the core personality dynamic which serves as the starting point for the development of your personal, interpersonal and organisational effectiveness. The Enneagram offers an approach that can make an enormous difference as a learning tool as it enables the client to make greater strides at a fast pace because of the focussed insights and development paths it provides. 360 Degree Feedback also can also provide the kind of feedback that has a depth to it which no other model can provide as the client can instantly recognise the patterns illustrated and can be less defensive in accepting a path of development which ultimately provides greater insight and... read more

Developing Distinctive Leaders

For Whom: Leaders who are open to cultivating an awareness of the strengths you bring to your organisation and the impact of your behaviour on others will go a long way towards your development as a successful leader..

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Successful Teambuilding

Develop co-operation between and among team members

For Whom: An invaluable teambuilding training for organisations who wish to build on members strengths.

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Giving Feedback

Increase effective work performance though effective feedback

For Whom: Managers and staff who want to improve and support each other productively

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What people have said about the introductory day.

“Of all my studies so far, the Enneagram is by far the most rich and insightful about human behaviour. It goes to the core of why we are all so different, which I love. The depth of learning will keep my lust for knowledge fed for a long time to come. Your delivery and passion for the topic makes a huge impact.” “I found the presentation very clear and I really appreciated your low-key and intuitive facilitation approach which really helped me start the process of engaging with and internalising the enneagram.” “I found Saturday’s Enneagram session extremely useful. It has helped me to be more accepting of myself and challenged me to build on what I’ve learnt. It has left with lots of food for thought.” “Many thanks for a most rewarding day yesterday. I’m only now beginning to unpack all that we worked through yesterday, and there’s an awful lot to process. Your skill in evoking people’s stories in an atmosphere of confidentiality was the sine qua non of the occasion and I’ve no doubt that the experience would have been a lot more arid otherwise.” “That was wonderful, fascinating, inspiring and exhausting. I really enjoyed it but now I’m flattened. I need to lift the energy levels and check out my personality type.” “I think the enneagram is what the world needs today. With all the problems our youth are having many could be helped through the... read more

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