Barry’s work displays that level of competence and expertise that makes it an honour to observe, participate, and learn from his sessions and Masterclasses.
He connects at all levels, and commands attention across the entire span of personnel, from the enthusiastic, to the most enthusiastic of doubters!
He effortlessly guides through the complex arena of personality and interpersonal relationships, to deliver profound yet practical results for business, team and personal situations.
A privilege to have worked with Barry, both at the IMI and at his workshops, which are focussed on real problems, faced every day, in a work or personal context. They are a terrific interface between personality insights and business results.
A true expert with a practical approach, I could not recommend Barry more highly.
Kathleen Gallagher

Senior Vice President QA RA , Mammotome, a Division of Devicor Medical Products, Inc.

Barry gave a one day introduction to the enneagram, as part of the IMI diploma in executive coaching last December. On the day, Barry gave a master class in listening skills and what it means to be truly present with another human being.
The Enneagram had a profound impact on me, as did Barry’s panel interviews with the various types. On the day, I got a wonderful sense of the 1, 3, 7s and 9s who were the predominant Enneagram types in class.
When I attended the panels, the experience was further reinforced and enriched by a focus on one type per night. One of the reasons I like the panels so much, is to watch Barry in action and to see someone model what it means, to really listen and be truly present.
John Hanley

Graduate Student at IMI

Barry is a real expert on the Enneagram. He also has high level facilitation skills that bring the subject to life. Feedback from my students has been exceptional.

Andrew McLaughlin

Senior Specialist, Irish Management Institute

Anyone I spoke to on day 3 of module also spoke very highly of your session both in terms of the content but also on your facilitation style. Well done you are clearly a master on the subject.

Paula Mullin

Executive Coach , Irish Management Institute

Barry enables people to look at themsleves at at life from an alternative viewpoint. This is very challenging and yet very enriching. I highly recommend him for team building and for personal growth and development.

Ann McGee

McGee Pharma International

Barry is a wonderful trainer and expert on the Enneagram and I would highly recommend anyone interested in this system to contact him. I’ve been fortunate to have attended two of Barry’s courses and found great value in both!

Dave Rainsford

General Manager - Ireland , Hybrid Services Ltd (UK & Irish Mimaki Distributor)