For Whom: Leaders who are open to cultivating an awareness of the strengths you bring to your organisation and the impact of your behaviour on others will go a long way towards your development as a successful leader..

Aim: Develop your Emotional Intelligence.

More than ever the calibre of today’s leaders is being measured by their EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Emotional Intelligence is now recognised as the vital component for predicting success in a leader.


  • Drive for Results: set goals, create plans, assign tasks, expect and measure high performance, provide ongoing stewardship and evaluate results.
  • Become an Excellent Communicator: by creating genuine relationships, communicating clearly, listening fully, giving effective feedback, managing conflict constructively and influencing others.
  • Lead High Performing Teams: by providing team leadership, and creating a team vision.
  • Know the Business – Think and Act Strategically: know the industry, think and act strategically through the creation of a compelling vision.
  • Make Optimal Decisions: by learning to make wise decisions by integrating your head, heart and gut.
  • Strive for Self-Mastery: by increasing your Emotional Intelligence you can transform your thoughts, align your personal vision with integrity and commit yourself to personal integration through lifelong learning.
  • Take Charge of Change: by developing a comprehensive change strategy that increases the demand and desire for change.


Duration: As required