Agreeable, Emphatic, Understanding, Mediatory, Ambivalent, Self-forgetting

They like a work environment that is peaceful, where there is no conflict.
So they look at all sides and can see the good and bad points in situations.
They can identify with everyone else’s position and get distracted from their own stance.
Once they get involved they find it hard to say no and stay with it longer than they want to.
When deadlines approach they move on them and are very productive.
They like peace and comfort and dislike conflict or disharmony.
They are receptive to others and operate well on teams.


They agree with everybody, get along with most and avoid conflict. They often start off the day excited by particular activities but by the end of the day they find that what most interested them has been left aside due to their involvement with the incidentals that distracted them along the way. When they are dealing with new ideas or information, which hasn’t been given a structure, they need time to find a context within which to understand the new concept. Others can find them slow and irritating while they are doing this. However, they usually have an excellent grasp of how the whole system operates and like to ensure that everyone is included. They are natural team builders.