Confronting, Protective, Magnanimous, Trustful, Courageous, Territorial

They don’t like being controlled and focus on who has the power in the work environment.
They need to know that the boss is fair. They?d rather take charge themselves than risk being controlled.
They find it easy to confront others and deal with difficulties and don?t like mixed messages.
They want to know the agenda and don’t have much time for people who whine.
They like co-workers to express their minds and will test them to ensure that it’s safe to surrender control.
As long as there are clear lines of communication they will maintain a solid and supportive presence.
They have great energy and can bring others with them.


They make good leaders and insist on fair play. When there is a lot of waffling going on Eights might get angry and disagree just to get everyone moving. People speak the truth in anger under pressure. The rules don’t matter and they will break them or make them just to stay interested – what matters is that they?re in charge of whether you want to agree or disagree. To stay out of trouble Eights need to raise the level of what they require of themselves, rather than managing or interfering with others just to stay interested.