Optimistic, Futuristic, Synthesiser, Inventive, Scattered, Gluttonous

The Seven sees a world filled with opportunities and exciting options.
For them there are always fascinating plans to think about.
They value self-reliance and can side step conflict or pain which they find limiting.
They don’t see any downsides, only positive new ideas and are confident of their own self worth and feel entitled to success.
They feel at home at the start of projects where they can synthesise all available information and plan towards the future but find the routine of implementing the plan less interesting.
To be stuck in a closed-ended job will cause them to reframe the rules and network themselves into a better position.
They dislike routine and limitation.
They are good synthesisers and can be very enthusiastic about life.


Sevens are good at envisioning the future and capitalising on every opportunity that presents itself to them. They keep many possibilities afloat at the same time and synthesise everything, seeing the relationships between each possibility. At the same time they are screening out the negatives which can mean that small details can be let slip by.