Loyal, Questioning, Vigilant, Alert to Hidden Agendas, Intuitive, Fearful

They find it easy to work under adverse conditions.
Crisis management and troubleshooting are tackled effectively.
When things are going well they begin to doubt and question.
“What happens if the situation turns dangerous?” “I need to check things again.”
When visible success looms, they can get anxious as this can attract hostility and competition.
They prefer team working where you can rally forces in difficult situations.
They are mistrustful of authority and are on the lookout for hidden agendas.
They willingly support causes and are good team workers.
They are valued trouble-shooters.


They are always trying to figure out what others are thinking so that they know how to behave. They notice inconsistencies and feel the need to be on guard for this. Sixes seek to back up their beliefs about inconsistencies and the possibility that they or others will be taken advantage of. They are not always happy focussing solely on the positive aspects. They are highly intuitive and can lighten others up with their humour.