Private, Observant, Knowledgeable, Strategic, Detached, Withholding

They like to detach from their environment to think and analyse, away from all possible intrusions.
To them the running around that others engage in is a waste of energy.
Time is a currency for them and is important for detaching and bringing order out of chaos.
They can work alone for long periods and will give well thought out assessments of situations that they have spent time working on.
They like to know the agenda in advance so they are prepared and are uncomfortable in situations that are open-ended or depend on spontaneity.
They erect boundaries like email, secretaries, etc. to limit personal contact. They are fine decision-makers and can do with very little.


They excel at abstract analysis but can feel drained by other people’s needs. When they have completed a piece of work they may vanish to avoid the possible uproar of questions and arguments. On a team Fives may wish to escape personality clashes, office gossip and politics and prefer to hear what everyone else has to say before they share their thoughts. Others need to know how they operate when it comes to problem solving so they can understand and appreciate their reasoning.