Dramatic, Creative, Emotional Depth, Passionate, Melancholy, Envious

Work is very fulfilling where there is lots of creativity with plenty of meaningful depth to it.
Authentic relationships with colleagues and the avoidance of superficiality are important.
Idealists at heart they can be very competitive when the task looks tantalising and exciting but moods can set in which effect efficiency.
Situations that are emotionally charged are attractive as they speak to them of authentic expressions of the human condition.
Often seen as moody and emotionally intense they are drawn to being creative where the unique, even quirky, aspects of the task can emerge.


Fours excel in work where creativity is called for. They want to express themselves in unique and special ways and place a high priority on excellence and authentic self-expression. This comes from feeling different from other people. Fours are good at touching the hearts of other people and this is why they try to capture people’s hearts through their creativity in an empathic and analytical manner. They don’t like routine and are attracted to work that will provide a conduit for the expression of their feelings.