Efficient, Persuasive, Enthusiasm, Competent, Leadership, a Chameleon, Deceptive

They can make anything work efficiently and it will look good.
They want immediate results and recognition from others and don’t want to hear about the possibility that something mightn’t work or, even worse, might fail.
They are competitive and if anyone tries to get in their way of achieving their goals they can bypass them and place their full attention on achieving successful outcomes.
Always busy, they are masters at appearances and adjust to whatever is needed for success.
They don’t have time for feelings as they conflict with their achievements.
An insightful performer can have great enthusiasm for achieving goals and offer practical and inspiring leadership.


Focused on results, they suspend their emotions and identify with the task at hand. They take on the appearances of manner, looks and emotions required for the job. People place their confidence in the Three because of this. Being busy for them means they have everything under control.