Helpful, Supportive, Empathic, Generous, Sensitive, Energetic, Prideful, Manipulative

They can support others in reaching their potential and like to be the power behind the throne.
They find their identity and satisfaction mainly through the relationships built with people they have been able to please.
They like to feel indispensable to others and can alter to meet their needs.
They work very hard with those who need their help.
It can be difficult for them to discriminate between altruistic support and giving to receive.
They need positive feedback and find it hard to sustain their energy if it is absent.
They take pride in their ability to draw people to them.
They are very supportive of others and have a lot of energy.


They want to work in environments that are people friendly and want to be indispensable. They like paving the way for others who are on the way up even if this means chatting up the boss’s boss. They can be very diplomatic and sensitive to others. They minimise reports and formalities in favour of a more people centred approach. They will work very hard at anything if they know they will be recognised and rewarded for their effort.