Diligent, Practical, Ethical, Responsible, Industrious, Fair, Angry

The One profile takes the view that there’s a lot to be put right and there’s always room for improvement.
Clear guidelines are important to them and they like to approach their work with a step by step precision.
They want clear concise feedback and not time wasting diversions.
Work should be well done, fully comprehensive and just the right way.
Internally they experience a severe inner critic who watches everything they do and tells them that they can do better and the standards keep rising.
They are quite convinced there is one right way and feel morally superior to others.
They procrastinate for fear of making a mistake.
They take responsibility seriously and find it difficult to have fun and pleasure when there is still a lot to be done.


Excellent at refining systems, they like a full schedule and losing themselves in the momentum of the project and going home satisfied with a job well done at the end of the day. However, they can be quite unhappy in an environment where there is rapid change and they don’t have the time or opportunity to refine and master the new situation.