Number One
There’s always room for improvement. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all!

Number Two
People rely on my help and I support them totally!

Number Three
I’m a doer – achievements and efficiency brings success!

Number Four
Forget about the superficial – it’s all about authenticity!

Number Five
Give me time to think it through and I’ll sort out the chaos and get clarity!

Number Six
I want to eliminate doubt, find certainty and clear lines of authority!

Number Seven
There are many opportunities and options – let’s try them all!

Number Eight
I like to make big things happen but I don’t like being controlled!

Number Nine
Let’s find the consensus and avoid conflict at all costs!

Nine Profiles



The Enneagram model illustrates nine distinctive profiles, each with their own distinctive pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving.


Enneagram Applications



Because each of the nine patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving strike to the core of everything we do it affects how we interact with others in our business and personal lives.

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